Grafting for the socket preservation

Case description: Male, 34 years old. Extraction of the tooth #38 and immediate grafting withautologous dentin prepared from roots.Results: Bone-dentin ankylosed tissue is formed from autologous graft of dentin rootparticulate. High stability of bone ridge. ZOBACZ PRZYPADEK

Grafting the sinus (Sinus Lifting)

Case description: Chronic periodontitis and endo-perio involvement of tooth #26. Extraction oftooth #26 exposed the sinus to the root canal (rupture of Schneiderian membrane. The toothdentin particles were grafted through the roots into the sinus and ridge was augmented. Thesoft tissue was well sutured using a PRF membrane. Results: Two month after grafting, bone height of 8.3 mm was achieved at its lowest point. Four implants were placed at this stage. In conclusion, the affinity of osteogenic cells to autologous dentin made …

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Saving the proximal tooth by augmenting alveolar ridge

Case description: Deep intrabony pocket defect and bifurcation involved tooth #37. Tooth wasextracted. Roots ground and grafted. See bone level one month later.Results: Tooth #36 was preserved and supported due to an effective autologous graftingprocedure. AUTOLOGOUS DENTIN GRAFT OF EXTRACTED TOOTH IMPROVESSIGNIFICANTLY BONE LEVEL OF THE PROXIMAL TOOT. ZOBACZ PRZYPADEK

A classic socket preservation with best ridge maintenance

Case description: Deep intrabony pockets of tooth # 27, high mobility and pain.Decision: To extract this tooth in order to prevent spread of infection to neighboring teeth.Procedure: A periodontal involved 2nd upper molar was extracted. The tooth was cleaned and dried. Grinding and cleansing was performed and 15 minutes after extraction the dentin graft was ready for use. During the cleanser process, a membrane was prepared to cover the socket. Use of membrane was selected since dentist was unable to …

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